Examples of Colorful Resumes

Here are some coloful resume templates that will allow you to format your resume. Colours, design, value-enhancing shades, original resumes have a less conventional style than traditional and modern resumes, but have a more personalised form that can make a difference. This will make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Restaurant staff Resume

    Restaurant staff Resume

  • Cleaning lady Resume

    Cleaning lady Resume

  • Civil Service Resume

    Civil Service Resume

  • Green color Resume

    Best Green color Resume

  • Professional Resume

    Professional Resume

  • Neutral Resume

    Neutral Resume

  • Nanny Resume

    Nanny Resume

  • Simple designer Resume

    Simple designer Resume

  • Graphic Resume

    Graphic Resume

  •  Downloadable Resume

    Downloadable Resume

  • Export PDF Resume

    Export PDF Resume

  • Multi-lingual Resume

    Multi-lingual Resume

  • Clean Design Resume

    Clean Design Resume

  • Harmonize Resume

    Harmonize Resume

  • Certified Resume

    Certified Resume

  • No photo Resume

    No photo Resume

  • Reversed Resume

    Reversed Resume

  • Sydney Resume

    Sydney Resume