Examples of Colorful Resumes

Here are some coloful resume templates that will allow you to format your resume. Colours, design, value-enhancing shades, original resumes have a less conventional style than traditional and modern resumes, but have a more personalised form that can make a difference. This will make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Resume Well made

    Well made Resume

  • Resume Detailed

    Detailed Resume

  • Resume Split

    Split Resume

  • Resume Florist

    Florist Resume

  • Resume Landscape design

    Landscape design Resume

  • Resume Coloured

    Coloured Resume

  • Resume Dynamic and coloured

    Dynamic and coloured Resume

  • Resume With photo

    With photo Resume

  • resume Up-to-date

    Up-to-date Resume

  • Creative resume free

    Creative Resume

  • Dynamic Resume

    Dynamic Resume

  • Functional resume

    Functional Resume

  • Cross Resume

    Cross Resume

  • Modern CV / REsume

    Modern Resume

  • Starting out Resume

    Starting out Resume

  • Functional resume

    Functional Resume

  • Hairdresser Resume

    Hairdresser Resume

  • wear sales lady resume

    Ready to wear sales Resume