Examples of Business resumes

Whatever your job or the position you are applying for, the candidates who will be selected for an interview will be those who succeed in submitting a motivated, personalised application, thus meeting the expectations of the employer. To help you on this path, CV.guru offers you examples and models of personalised resumes for each of the trades listed below.


  • Manager Resume

    Manager Resume

  • Resume Florist

    Florist Resume

  • Resume Landscape design

    Landscape design Resume

  • Resume Modern and design

    Modern and design Resume

  • Communication Resume

    Communication Resume

  • Programmer Resume

    Programmer Resume

  • Hairdresser Resume

    Hairdresser Resume

  • Salesman Resume

    Salesman Resume

  • Banker Resume

    Banker Resume

  • Teacher Resume

    Teacher Resume

  • wear sales lady resume

    Ready to wear sales Resume

  • Executive director Resume

    Executive director Resume

  • Accountant Resume

    Accountant Resume

  • Managing Director Resume

    Managing Director Resume

  • Finance Resume

    Finance Resume

  • Restaurant staff Resume

    Restaurant staff Resume

  • Hotel trade Resume

    Hotel trade Resume

  • Cleaning lady Resume

    Cleaning lady Resume