Examples of Modern Resumes

Examples and templates for modern resumes. These so-called "modern" CV templates are based on a typical CV base, while displaying colours, patterns and graphic designs. The objective is to highlight your skills while retaining the plain and efficient look. Ideal for executive resumes, engineering resumes, student resumes or recent graduates looking for internships. These resume templates are the most popular ones chosen by our users. Feel free to customize them according to your tastes. Each template is compatible with your word processing software such as Word / Writer and is easily editable.


  • Good REsume

    Good Resume

  • Modern and Clean Resume

    Modern and Clean Resume

  • Sober Resume

    Sober Resume

  • Improved REsume

    Improved Resume

  • Fast REsume

    Fast Resume

  • San Diego REsume

    San Diego Resume

  • Mozart Resume

    Mozart Resume

  • Calibri Resume

    Calibri Resume

  • Senior Resume

    Senior Resume

  • Goalposts Resume

    Goalposts Resume

  • Modern presentation Resume

    Modern presentation Resume